What we do

We are back with a new show!

This time we put the emphasis on what we do best, music, so we are preparing a show where scenography, lights and sound are directed to make the most of our original instruments and create a show that will surprise again everywhere.

In addition, to give movement to the scene will have a luxury guest the vogue dancer Jenny Xtravaganza, who will be putting a feminine and sensual touch to enrich our music with a high level dance.

A new production designed to give one more turn to the way of understanding the live music and the staging of it, you do not want to miss it!


Four upper class executives from the international political-economic arena reach an existential collapse, a point of no-return in their lives.

From then on, they experience a metamorphosis through music, embodying values such as Respect, Sustainability and Love.

Electronic sounds, rhythmic language from India, original instruments, laughter and theatrical improvisation combine in an unrepeatable, collective ritual.

 Street or Indoor / All audiences / No text / 50 minutes


Big Stage / Sound system is required / All audiences / No text / 50 minutes


Four extroverted characters from the RESIDUAL/GURUS universe roam through the streets playing instruments made of reused material. They are beings who have integrated multiple influences condenseded in a unique sound, in the  purest style of a contemporary fanfare.

Electronic sounds, rhythmic language from India, original and flashy instruments, laughter and theatrical improvisation complete this daring and hilarious parade.



RESIDUAL/GURUS Company's proposal is versatile, suitable for stages, auditoriums, museums, clubs, etc.

What is it about this versatility that has allowed RESIDUAL/GURUS to perform in such different and prestigious places as the Palau de Congressos de Catalunya or the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam?


The artists characterized as executives can go unnoticed anywhere: a convention, a conference, a reception, etc.

This integration with the audience allows artists to move in a somehow  indefinite space arousing intrigue, attraction and surprise among the public.


As the action unfolds, artists play and interact with the audience, integrating it and creating different situations.


The instrument design allows to RESIDUAL/GURUS to play both on stage and while roaming around, going up and down stairs, etc.

In this sense the artists can lead people from one place to another in a new and amusing way; they can begin fully mingled with the audience and end up on stage, or the other way around, beginning on stage and ending up playing and dancing on the dance floor.


The basic line-up of RESIDUAL/GURUS consists of four musicians-actors, but in larger events more dancers, circus artists, musicians, actors, etc. can be brought in.


It often happens that after the shows people come up to ask where the characters are from, what the strange language they speak is, how and with what materials the instruments are made, and to play with them, etc. This led us to the idea of offering this workshop to show many of these things: Konnakol, building instruments with reused materials, and musical ensemble.

These pieces lye mainly with RESIDUAL/GURUS, but at the same time they are keys that can be quite interesting on their own for musicians, social educators, or even for anyone wanting to approach world of percussion in an original and different way.

The proposal is to apply the learnings from the konnakol section to the ensemble, together with the instruments built by the participant themselves.

Further study on the subjects worked on in each section depending on the group for whom the workshop is held and its duration.